Positions Available


This key day shift position supports all aspects of lunch service prep and execution at Glow Alchemy Kitchen. The ideal candidate will be an experienced, detail-oriented self-starter with a passion for food and people. Responsibilities include all tasks necessary for prepping the daily menus and the GAK for lunch service, dinner events and caterings. Preparing and plating dining service quickly and beautifully as ordered. Set up and stock food items and other necessary supplies. Perform inventory checks and complete food storage logs. A highly tuned attention to detail and cleanliness is a must.  Professional kitchen experience is preferred but not required if you are a skilled cook and fast learner. ServSafe course must be completed. Hours are flexible - 25-30 hour average. 


This is key day shift position supports all aspects of  service planning at Glow Alchemy Kitchen. The ideal candidate will be an experienced, detail-oriented self-starter with organizational skills. Responsibilities include all tasks necessary for assisting in prepping the GAK kitchen for lunch and occasional private dinner services and caterings. Tending to dishes, helping with linens, prepping the dining room for service as well as a variety of other cleaning and assisting tasks that may arise. The devil is in the details. Prior restaurant experience preferred but not required. 30 hour average. 



This is a key team position. You will be playing a key role on the GAK team to ensure that our guests feel welcomed upon arrival and pampered throughout their experience.  The ideal candidate will have a keen understanding of hospitality and know the importance of paying attention to every detail. Responsibilities include daily lunch service front of house duties, serving tables, guest check out, promoting events and meal prep, full knowledge of menu and retail items, able to live the GAK clean eating lifestyle, keeping the restaurant organized and clean, able to discuss private bookings with clients and more.  A demonstrated attention to detail and at least 2 years of experience in a hospitality position preferred but not required. Part Time 

We are excited to welcome new friends to join our team here at Glow. 

We pride ourselves in our commitment to creating a supportive and warm work environment, and we are always challenging each other to grow and become better at what we do!


If you are interested in applying for any of the positions we are looking to fill,

here’s what to do:

 1. Email Jessica and tell us why you’d make a great addition to the GAK team!

2. Add a resume

Don’t worry about being too formal. We just want to know what you’ve been up to over the past few years.

3. Add a letter of interest

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You can send a picture of you doing something you love, tell us a story, or anything else you’d like to share. Be you!